Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a great Partayy!--click here to see more photos!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Syhhh it s a surprise

Monday, September 10, 2007

A trip to remember

Just got back from our hometown, Kota Bharu. E-am tag along with us and as expected he had few episode of self demonstration at the airport, market and few other places.Muka akak ni dah taktau tebal mana dah... Sabar je lah. But most of all, we had fun. Me and mama were laughing all the way watching e-am in action. Nantilah ada masa , I ll tell you more stories of this trip.

Mama and E-am looks great.

Monday, September 03, 2007

We are different, yet we are alike


What Is Courage
Brenda Wiseman, R.N.,C.

Have you ever wondered where people get the COURAGE to deal with life's adversities? Reflecting on your own life, perhaps you have questioned the source of your personal courage. Talking with people in the clinic each day, I am struck by the incredible courage of our patients and their families.

In exploring the definition of courage, I was reminded that courage is NOT the absence of fear. It is a quality of mind which meets danger or opposition with valor, firmness and bravery. This definition still seems inadequate to describe the reflection in the eyes of people who frequent this clinic. Upon further exploration, I learned that the French root word of courage is coeur which means heart. The heart as the sustaining source of courage... Courage that is "rooted" in love. This definition brought clarity to the reflection seen in the eyes of those living with cancer and their loved ones.

In 1534 Martin Luther was quoted (in preface to his translation of the Psalms) "The human heart is like a ship on a stormy sea driven about by winds blowing from all four corners of heaven." Cancer is certainly one of the stormiest seas of life, and it calls for courage in both aspects of its definition: firmness in the presence of danger and heart in the form of love.

As I look at cancer patients and their loved ones, I see that love seems to be the essential ingredient to propel us in life and the fundamental source of courage.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A song for Mama

I remember singing this to mama through the phone while I was away. It really suits to what I felt about my mama.
Hope one day, E-am will be singing me this song too :)

You taught me everything
And everything youve given me
I always keep it inside
Youre the driving force in my life, yeah
There isnt anything
Or anyone I can be
And it just wouldnt feel right
If I didnt have you by my side
You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me
And no one else can be what you have been to me
Youll always be you always will be the girl
In my life for all times

Mama, mama you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Mama, mama youre the queen of my heart
Your love is like
Tears from the stars
Mama, I just want you to know
Lovin you is like food to my soul
Youre always down for me
Have always been around for me even when I was bad
You showed me right from my wrong
Yes you did
And you took up for me
When everyone was downin me
You always did understand
You gave me strength to go on
There was so many times
Looking back when I was so afraid
And then you come to me
And say to me I can face anything
And no one else can do
What you have done for me
Youll always be
You will always be the girl in my life

i cried.

Emotion swings

Its hard to describe my feelings right now. At times, I'm on top of my positive energy and at times I'm drifting apart. Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangat ku ini. Time is like so precious to me right now. Juggling myself as a mother, daughter, wife and an employer is very challenging for me. There's no time to be selfish, all I can think right now is to accomodate as much as I can to every responsibilities. I thank you for those who have been helping and supporting me in many aspects. From helping me taking care of E-am at the office to giving me the oppurtanity to spend time with Mama. You know who you are.I thank you very much.
Mama had gone through her second chemo last week and now recovering the side effects. In another 2 weeks time, she ll be doing her third chemo again. Hmmm..another disaster routine to go. But Mama is hanging there, firm and tawakal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah masa Mama bersama kami, berikanlah mama kekuatan, berikanlah kami sekeluarga kekuatan untuk menerima dugaanmu ini...

Monday, August 13, 2007

No more tears

Yes,no more tears. No more kesian mama. No more all the negative thoughts.Guys,if i ever talk about negative stories..knock me on head ya!hehheheh...
From today, I wish to remain as positive as i can be. After all that's what i ve been taught since small. All these dugaan from Allah is for a reason. One of the reason is for me to tawakal, menerima takdir dan qada & qadar.But at the same time berikhtiar and not to give up hope. Thank you Azrai&Sity for introducing me to 'the secret'book. It really makes me feel good and I'm trying my very best to be a positive thinker. I think everybody should read this book.It educate us on how we actually can heal our self and to achieve anything that we want by controlling our mind.And of course besides this, we will always look for the best treatment to fight cancer. And if we do not find it, just have laugh.After all, laughter is the best medicine and its free!
I would like to thank you for all the support/prayers for my mama.Mudah-mudahan dengan berkat doa kalian, dapat melegakan dan memberi semangat untuknya.aminn..
Mama is doing great for the past few days. Some people don't even believe that she got cancer in her.She eats well, she laugh , she's just like herself.But at times, when some visitor/caller who don't know how to react to cancer patient,will actually torn her into pieces again. Hmmm...therefor, i wish to share on how we can help cancer patient to fight this.
1.Let us not mention they are a cancer patient.Name them 'CANCER SURVIVOR'.
2.Instead of talking about their sickness, talk about happy/inspired stories or any issue that got nothing to do with cancer.
3.Act normal.Don't pity them.Be happy.
4.Bring your positive energy her that's the least you can do.

Its not how long you live, it's how well you live you life.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

good day ahead

There are good days and bad days with cancer. Today i would say, its a good day so far.It give me a great pleasure when i manage to make mama smile. A laughter is like a bonus to me. E -am is my tool to make mama forget all her sadness.I'm reading 'Healing cancer emotionally ' by a psychiatrist specialised in cancer patients.Mama said she wants to go for a holiday next week. Yey! She's taking the next step and I'm very happy.hmm...nak gi mana yek?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Everything happen for a reason

After mama's 4th day of her chemo, life have been challenging for everyone of us especially mama.Most of the time she's tired and fall asleep for few hours(this is very rare for her).Everytime i see her, i know dia tak putus-putus berzikir...She's been crying a lot...more than i ever knew her.At times, while we just have a simple conversation, she will cry.Abah can't sleep at night.I know he's worried.Me?Its a lie if i say everything is ok. I do have my breakdown at times.But I try my best not to breakdown in front of mama. I know everything happen for a reason. Pasti ada hikmah di sebalik ujian Allah ini.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dear Friends,

For those who know personally my mom, last 2 days she was diagnosed as a cancer patient. Tomorrow she ll start her first chemo session. I hope all of us would pray for her to face all the challenge and mudah-mudahan dengan berkat doa semua, dia dipanjangkan umur.aminnn...
And as for now, i ll devote all my time for my dear mama.I might not write too often but i ll update when i have free time.

i like to take a quote from kak intan,

orang dapat cancer adalah insan terpilih
Allah pilih untuk hampir kepadanya
untuk bersedia menjadi kekasih dia

and Azrai also gave me a good advice on positive thinking

If we were to fake our positive mind, then be it.
Remove physiological stress from the body,
and the body does what it was designed to do.
It heals itself.

*Kak Intan and Azrai is a daughter and son of a fighter in cancer.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not everyday you see a multitasking man

While I'm having my breakfast at Ampang Puteri yesterday,sitting beside my table was a man with his daughter.What caught my attention was his ability of doing few things at one time. Well, if its the mothers it wont bother me that much.This man probably in his early 30s, having nasi lemak while holding his daughter on his lap.And beside that he is also feeding his daughter while reading a newspaper.fuyoh! 4 perbuatan dalam satu masa. cayalah bang!i salute you!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Good books are the warehouses of ideas -H. G. Wells-



*It will definately relief all your stress/tiredness/pressure

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ikon Malaysia Semi Final

For those who miss this show, enjoy!

Yup, they've made it to the FINAL KONSERT.Congrats!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

happy birthday

A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

Happy Birthday, my dear sili
You are always young at heart!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

You rock man!

Check out Mr Pojee performing with his VI band together with Flop Poppy in Ikon Malaysia this Saturday 830pm.

Sorry for the bad photo.Was too excited watching my sili...:P anyway..kalau nampak dia yang belah kanan sekali tu. I m so proud of you !

me and andy


I ll be away to Bangkok from 5 July-9 July.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Making Memories

On my previous entree,

In another 2 weeks time, I ll be leaving to Singapore and try to breakaway from my work. We decide not to bring E-am as its more like a bussiness affair for me and pojee. I know I will miss him soo much but I dont want to drag him to the expo and make myself and pojee go mad pleasing him.


I m so glad to we decide to bring this little creature along with us in Singapore. I HAD A BLAST with e-am there. It was a split decision actually...hehehe.last minute decision with a condition if Tok Ma(my mama) coming, then E-am is coming too! After few days of thinking(tok ma pon suspen nak travel ngan e am), finally tok ma said YES! heheheh thanks mama...we are making memories with e am this time.

E am toksah cakap la kan, excited yang tak terkata. We even prepared ourselves mentally and physically for this trip. Besides our personal stuff, I packed along some of his fav toys and also a portable DVD player with his fav DVD (my son is easily bored ok, so need to have lots of backup plan)
We also decide not to stay in Singapore hotels as the rate is like double/triple for the original fair due to the broadcast asia week. I would rather spend those money in shopping rather than sleeping in 3star hotel for RM500 per day. So we spend 3 nites in Bluewave Hotel in Johor with RM370/nite for family suite. Excellent!
I would like to share some happy/funny/unforgetable moments during this trip:

• the first time e am enter the hotel, he gone mad! He is running round and round the suite. Masuk bilik kluar bilik, masuk toilet klua toilet, bukak almari, masuk almari. Peti ais pon dia bukak. tgk cermin cakap sorang2. pastu when he went to the living room with a 'WOW' expression...adehlaaa budak nih. Bukak tingkap he said 'CC!' (KLCC) padahal nampak bandar johor jek...hahhaha

• In singapore, there's a lot of car similar to manggis mobil. Everytime he saw that kind of car, he'll say 'GANGGISH!'...

• In Vivocity, there's a lot of water feature around the mall. He said 'Mummy, mummy.. swim, swim!'. Adeilaaa...aku macam marathon kejar dia nak terjun dlm water sculpture/fountain.

• On his first time ride on MRT, he were so excited he's finally on a train. Mula-mula naik, he closed his ears sebab bunyi kuat sangat and yang paling horor skali when we need to change the train, he is crying like mad.nangis macam dah kena tinggal train..satu station tengok...grrrr...saba je lah!

-I think this incident is the most unforgettable.
Imagine this:
On our way back from Singapore, we stop by at the 7eleven to buy some drinks.Elok je Pojee turun keter, my 'anak bertuah ni' terus je melompat ke driver seat.Tengah elok-elok dia berangan-angan bawak keter, bapak dia datang lalu terkejut lah anak bertuahku ini. Terus dia melompat menyelamatkan diri daripada kena marah ngan abah dia. Dalam dok dia melompat tu, kaki cik e am ni macam terlanggar kat gear keter, I tot tade apa lah kan...sikit je.Bila Pojee nak masuk gear je, tak bleh masuk..apa lagiiiii(as we all know pojee) mengamok lah dia! Antara ayat2 yang aku ingat Pojee marah anak bertuah dia nih is' Apa dah e am buat kat kete abah nih?habis takleh masuk gear!rosak dah kete nih!cable tercabut nih!' Sambil terpinga-pinga cik e am nengok abah dia ngamok dia ckp 'mummy..mummy,roshakk(rosak) aaa.babutttt(cabut)....pastu Pojee sebok dok telepon orang nak tanya camne nak setel, panic dengan telepon ke sana ke mari...datang je abah dia masuk kete, cik e am cakap ' Abah..... lagu?' Ada hati lagi tuuu mintak laguuu setelah abah dia ngamok...aku n mama ketawa sampai kuar air mata masa tu .....i can even laugh until now thinking of that

I'm so glad that I'm making all this wonderful memories with my dear son. I enjoy every minute of our time together.Children they are tend to be annoying and distracting at times but we need to enjoy this moment while we can.In another 20 years he probably wont even need you this much.
My new self discover : I discover this making memories can be done anywhere, anytime. You just need to realise and embrace the moment !

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Wahaaa...I finally finished reading 'Weekend in Paris' by Robyn Sisman after 2 weeks reading.Phewww...

It only takes a weekend to change your life!

Weekend in Paris is the story of Molly Clearwater, a well-read 21-year-old country girl who's never done anything exciting or dramatic-until now.

One Friday afternoon, smarting from her boss's taunt that she's "just a secretary," Molly quits her job and boards the Eurostar for Paris. Within hours of arriving in the bewitching world of leafy boulevards, luscious foods and crazy traffic, she's a woman transformed. A real femme sauvage! Soon she's racing along the Seine on the back of a scooter with her cheek laid against the warm back of a smouldering Frenchmen, infiltrating a conference in a Cleopatra wig, and sharing with a complete stranger her deepest, darkest secret. By Sunday night, after a dizzying carousel-ride of passion, excitement and self-discovery, Molly's a new person.

My Review:
Its light and easy reading and quite adventurous. But it's too much of goody, fantasy and too easy to predict. It's suitable for teenagers who seek for their true identity in life. Maybe, if I'm in that category, i might enjoy it then...oops, I sounds OLD.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Taman Melawati aka Beverly Hills

It's not like everyday you bump into few well known people all in one place. Me and Pojee had late lunch in KFC, Taman Melawati. On the way there, we bump into Khadijah Ibrahim. Cantik lagii makcik nih! When we enter KFC, we saw Dato' Ahmad Nawab and Shidee. Dua- dua dok layan makan KFC dengan kusyuknya... Then later, tengah kami pulak layan makan, Steve Thorton pulak masuk beli KFC. Aik, hebat btul Taman Melawati nih. Rasa macam duk kat Beverly Hills la pulak kan...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Allah itu maha kaya. Maha pemurah dan mengasihani.

alhamdullilah syukur...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The best is yet to come

I believe that everybody have their own journey of life. Everyone of us have our own dreams to pursue everyday...I live my life everyday dreaming of getting something I dont have now but maybe over the years, I might get it. I know a lot of us do the same too..There's nothing wrong with dreaming because dreams DO come true IF YOU PUT IT IN REALITY AND WORK FOR IT (being 'mat jenin' wont work ya)

Over the years of building Manggis, I realised that I have a lot to be proud of. NOT on myself but to the people in manggis which I now name them, MANGGISIANS. Looking at each of everyone progress have somehow make myself 'bersyukur'. On my prayers, I always pray to 'murahkan rezeki Manggis supaya dapat dikongsi dengan yang lain'. And alhamdullilah, everyone of us still have a place to stay, nice cloth to wear everyday, gadgets to buy , endless sms to our love ones and most of all almost everyone in Manggis will gain weight after few years working (except for me lah kan, akak maintain ok!). Aha! that means semua cukup or likely lebih makann..alhamdullilah...syukurr...I'm glad that over the years of hard work, Manggisians have gone to Singapore and Bali twice ( don't we just miss restu bali and ketupat and jinbaran and and...).

From just the two of us(me and pojee) doing video weddings, we are now 10 members all together. 3 of them are my x students. Riza who is back than a 'ketua murid' in his class at EDI ( my first job as a lecturer) was the first employee in Manggis. He starts his journey with zero knowledge in video editing, travels from cheras to Tmn Melawati by lrt/bus and no girlfriend (eh yeke?). Now, Riza can edit wedding videos like peanuts, travel by car, support his family and definately have a girlfriend.(bila nak edit video sendiri nih?).

Jon who is from Tgganung kita is known for his MIA(missing in action) during classes but have talent in design. I always scold him for not being consistent in his work and his lack of communication with me. Alhamdullilah, I personally can see the difference in him over the years. He's now producing much better and consistent work, wish me good morning when he came early or sorry, saya datang lambat when he's late (denda tetap kena ye..but that attitude i like).
Maphia (who is not that mafia) came to manggis later after Jon. Back than, he use to balik kampung( Seremban) by the komuter and own no fancy stuff. Now we call him as 'Mat Gadget'. You name it, any new gadgets from apple products to crumpler bag will be exhibit in his cubicle. And lately he's no longer to be seen in any lrt/komuter station. They who before I refer as a fresh grad in graphics, now is a multimedia designer with a multiple skills from video editing, designing and the videographer who capture THE MOMENT at Manggis.

Next is our Project Manager. Anuar(aka nuat) is my junior in MMU who I ve known for his skills in communication and passion in bussiness. I do remember in my uni years, when me and pojee opened up a stall during the convo and nuat was just around the corner selling drinks. From nasi tomato to car rental, u named it. He has done it all. His journey in Manggis starts with a Kriss motorbike (which is not proportion in his size), single, ambitious and confius I must said. Over 2 years plus, he's now a proud husband and owner of his new alfa. In another 4 months, he'll be joining in the 'father's club'. With his passion in bussiness, I hope we can see Manggis branch somewhere in the North soon,insyallah.

The youngest of us is definitely Fahmy. When he join us, he was just 19, blur and thin. Looking at that age, we know what to expect from this age group. For over 2 years of lecturing and scolding, he whom just turn 21 ( baru legal masuk disco fahmy oiii!), have showed at least an improovements in design but still not on his TIME. And by the way, he gain few kilos here and there.The 3 other people, Ra, Yasser and Haidar have not work up to 1 year. So I prefer to give them some time to proove themselves and I will be happy writing this sort of entree about their achievements in the future.
As for me and pojee, we both are so glad to be part of this. Glad to share the rezeki with this individuals. Happy to see them getting married, buying new car, tukar sport rim moto, to be able enjoying their life and to be a better person. We realised that each of everyone of us are different yet we compliment each other with our positive and negative way. Every each of our milestone is an accomplishment to every one at Manggis. Every achievement is a teamwork success.

Let us not to forget that we still have a long journey to go. More things need to be learn, to accomlplish in our lifes and be a better wife, husband, son, daughter , friend, collegue, boss, staff and most of all TO BE WHAT WE WANT TO BE. I'm not expecting that they will be in Manggis forever but I hope they learn something here and I learn something from them too. I hope they remember that we have lots of fond memories back in Manggis. As for now(since we are still Manggisians, dont we) let us keep the spirit burning and keep on capturing those wonderful moments of our clients. I hope we will continue improoving ourself for the future to come.

The best is yet to come.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


adakah waktu yg tak berbatas
untukku merasa bahagia
saat-saat aku jatuh cinta
saat ku terbang jauh ke sana

**: selalu denganmu
kasihku selamanya
selalu denganmu
cintaku bersama

kaulah matahari dalam hidupku
dan kaulah cahaya bulan di malamku
hadirmu selalu akan ku tunggu
cintamu selalu akan ku rindu

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A note to my sili bili

Through the laughter
Through the tears
Through the months
And through the years
Through all we've seen
And all that's been
Through the old
And all that's new
I'm forever grateful
That I have found you


Things happen for a reason :P

Monday, June 04, 2007

Amboi sakan !

Amboiiii fishie..sakan hang aa...nampak sangat tak buat keje. 5 entree satu hari nih. Sakan hang no!
dah sudah.

Book Review : Where Rainbow Ends

From naughty children to rebellious teenagers, Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin. But just as they're discovering the joys of teenage nights on the town and dating disasters, they're separated. Alex's family moves from Dublin to America – and Alex goes with them. For good.

Rosie's lost without her best friend. But on the eve of her departure to join Alex in Boston, Rosie gets news that will change her life forever – and keep her at home in Ireland.

Their magical connection sees them through the ups and downs of each other's lives but neither of them knows whether their friendship can really survive the years and miles – as well as new relationships. And at the back of Rosie's mind is whether they were meant to be more than just good friends all along. Misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck have kept them out of each others' arms, but when presented with the ultimate opportunity, will they gamble everything – including their friendship – for true love?

Destiny, Alex and Rosie discover, is a funny thing and fate isn't quite done with them yet…

My Review:
Call me silly, emotional or whatever but I have to admit that I had a good cry after reading this book. Let me tell you a secret, I m a fan of friendship turns to lovers stories. My all time favourite movies which related to this is When Harry Met Sally, My Girl and You ve got mail. I really like the idea of falling in love with your male best friend and look what I ve accomplish by getting married with my best friend Pojee, my silly billy. Wuhuuu! Dream do come true eh!
Oppsie, I m suppose to write a review of this novel not on mine. hehehehe. ok ok. Hmmmm...apa nak cakap eh.. BEST GILER!I cant help myself smile and have tears all the same time. The best thing of this book is that- its not entirely wrote in the normal way. It tells you the story through email, chat log, greetings card, letters and some other form of communication. So its like being a stalker reading through people emails, chat log and other personal stuff. You combine all the info and tadaaa you get the whole scenario. Best best best!

Email to Abah & Mama

Askum Abah & Mama,

Hows Spain? Paris...must be soo much fun over there.

Just sending you this email to update you on E-am progress. He is such a wonderful boy. Annoying but cheeky.
Last week we went to sity and azrai new house and E am got to meet his friend, Indah. Indah is soo cute,chubby and loves singing and talking and jumping. E am haluss je. E am had a great time with Indah. Siap boleh ikut tagline aizat and heliza. KASI GEGARRRR! Lepas hari tu, E am pon ikut jugakk...GEGARRRRR....hahhahahah. Bila yan ckp BEREHHH , E am also said BEREHHH. hahhahaah so funny.

When we got back home, E am sure tanya Indaahh? And when we mentioned indah name, he will said GEGARRRR.hahahahha
E am also can say Manggishh when he see manggis van. Ingat apa benda dia ckp but bila dengar betul2, dia ckp manggishhh..

He really loves The Incredibles.Ntah brapa kali dah dok tgk over and over again the movie. Smpai part lawan or part yg nak terkejut dia dah tau. Siap lari jauh2.

Yesterday he ate nasi dagang. Bukan main suka lagii. Pastu makan lakse kelate. Banyak jugak dia makan. Mat kelate rupanya!

Well, thats all for now. Hope both of you enjoy the holiday. You deserve it. Take care.
E am miss tok ma and tok abah.
Bila yan tanya dia , where s tok ma n tok abah?

e am .... e ammm...

Love, Yan

Book Review : West End Girls

The streets of London are paved with gold . . . allegedly.

They may be twin sisters, but Lizzie and Penny Berry are complete opposites – Penny is blonde, thin and outrageous; Lizzie quiet, thoughtful and, well, definitely not thin. The one trait they do share is a desire to DO something with their lives, and as far as they're concerned, the place to get noticed is London.

Out of the blue they discover they have a grandmother living in Chelsea – and when she has to go into hospital, they find themselves flat-sitting on the King’s Road. But, as they discover, it’s not as easy to become It Girls as they’d imagined, and west end boys aren’t at all like Hugh Grant . . .

My Review:
I love this book for its wonderful twist plot and the character of both twin sisters.
It tells you that sometime what we have dream is probably not the best for us. Penny always thought with money she can buy happiness and how wrong is that. Lizzie who is so shy in her feelings towards man, dont do any good either. At the end of the story, Penny end up with a not so famous painter who lives sub urban with not much money in his pocket. But this guy is full of love for her and makes her smile everyday. Lizzie on the other hand, end up with a millionaire who own a chain of restaurant all over London. For both of them are not physically perfect for each other but they share the same interest which is good food. Yumm !

Break Away

Last year, I said to myself that in 2007, I will travel again to Europe or any 4 season country. As the saying goes ' kita hanya merancang,tuhan menentukan' is definitely true. This year, we have to cut down the budget of travelling due to the new shop. I must say money runs out like water lately and I m being conscious of spending more money for persoanal leisure.

Coincidently, Broadcast/Communic Asia will be held on 19-21 June 2007 at Singapore. For the people who know well enough my dear Pojee, will definitely know his obsession in all sort of camera/editing/related products gadgets. So i guess, it gives us the oppurtanity of goin to Singapore on bussiness trip and for me a breakaway from my daily job.

Been searching for a rooms and it seems I got cheated in the special internet rate on their website. When I called them, they were saying 'sorry, your visit in singapore falls on the communic week and all rate for singapore hotel is sligtly higher'. Whatt??
Most of the hotels rate are at $280-320. Ish..baru nak berangan dok hotel best best kat Singapore. Isk isk what a spoiler.
With that kinda rate, its still fully book. Danggg... Mana nak carik lagi ni? Pojee suggested Hotel 81. Oh no! The last time I was in Hotel 81,Geylang was the most terrifying moment in my life. I just felt sick looking at all the hookers with their 7 eleven service. He remind me of the other branch of Hotel 81 in Bugis which we have pass few times on our way to Bugis Junction. I remember the hotel do look far more decent than the one in Geylang. So I tried to ring that and yes there s still room available on those dates with a $210nett per day. That's like RM450+ and in KL we can even stay in any 5 star hotel. But there's not much option really, so i booked right away.

In another 2 weeks time, I ll be leaving to Singapore and try to breakaway from my work. We decide not to bring E-am as its more like a bussiness affair for me and pojee. I know I will miss him soo much but I dont want to drag him to the expo and make myself and pojee go mad pleasing him. Disneyland is THE perfect destination for the 3 of us. E-am, let mummy make more more money and we can go to Disneyland soon ya.

Mama & Abah is now in Spain and soon be leaving to London in the next few days.
Ola !


Phew..what a tough time i had for the past few weeks..I finally getting more stable and comfortable with the new routine of the new shop.Opening a shop is not as simple as setting up a company.All through the years i learn this: To setup a bussiness is easy but to maintain it is a different story.
Retail and production is 2 separate things to do. With no knowledge and a little experience ( use to sell poscard at my parents gallery at CM) , I just go 'belasah' using my basic instinct and of course with guidance from my mentor, my mom. Well, both of us are not graduate in any bussiness school or whatsoever ( me: creative multimedia,mmu while mama: fine metal,itm ) but probably it runs in our blood for having this bussiness minded all the time.
Anyway, Manggis Fotografik is doin great now, alhamdullilah.I thank Allah everyday for the rezeki that I can share with all my other staff. I meet new people especially photographers in the shop. Ex-client coming back to print their wedding photos again or their newborn babies. Everyday is a learning process to me.

The most enjoyable things that I ve done lately is I start reading again. Unbelievable! I cant even remember when was the last time a read a book ( i mean a real story book). On my teenagers years I love reading Sidney sheldon and danielle steel's novels.
When I got into MMU, my type of book change from love novels to art book. Learning how mystic life is when you see visually or in an abstract form. Everything happens for a reason. Forms follow function and all the intelectual stuff. Been a fan of David Carson and Blackwell at that time.
After I graduate, I hardly remember reading any books. Oh dear..poor me! When i start working, nope still not reading anything. All i remember i do read magazine like KLUE, motivation book ( half way), all time favourite pancaindera slot on sunday and loads of wedding magazine. When I got pregnant i did read few books on pregnancy, babies and stuff like that. And when E-am (new name for my Ilham, credit to indah) was born i completely cant read anything except Noddy, Barney, Elmo and some weird creatures story which my son adore.
And now, all of sudden I have the urge of reading a real story book again. I went to Kinokuniya and seek for a book which light, fun and easy reading as i dont want to spoil this mood by reading heavy issues. So i thought it would be nice reading something that relate to my job which is wedding and wedding is associated with LOVE. Yup! I managed to find a romantic comedy novel which of course have a nice and sweet cover ( i do judge a book by its cover..hehehe) . So i bought myself a book West End Girls by Jenny Colgan.

The first attempt reading is kinda hard with e-am by myside. He will be snatch the book and try to distract me from reading. He even leave a stain with his sloppy kiss at the book. I just start reading for a day and the book looks like a second hand book. I even take a time break by having a lunch at Dome Cafe all by myself just to finish up the book. Hip hip horey! West End Girl done! ( will write the book review soon) . Since KLCC is the most convinient place for me to go ( thanks to the elevated highway) I went back again to Kinokuniya to find my next book. Got myself a book by Cecelia Ahern: When Rainbow Ends.

Surprise.Surprise. I finish reading the book in just 3 days.And by the time I finished reading the last chapter, I was crying for almost 10 minutes. Sili me. But I cant help it reading this story which is so hmm how should i say...beautiful and inspiring.( I definately will write the review soon!)
My next book is Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman. Simply bought this book just because I love Paris so much and the fact that mama and abah is in Paris now on their 30th anniversary honeymoon. Grrrr... how I wish the flight ticket is cheaper and the euro is like rupiah.

Anyway, reading again is such a wonderful experience to me. It was once a food for my soul and now it does the same thing again and again.


Friday, May 04, 2007


Love... we think about it, sing about it, dream about it, lose sleep worrying about it. When we don't have it, we search for it. When we discover it, we don't know what to do with it. When we have it, we fear losing it. It is the constant source of pleasure and pain. But we can't predict which it will be from one moment to the next. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, impossible to live without.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hadapi dengan senyuman

Its been really stressful days,weeks,months for me. Tired, exausted and non stop thinking about work, life & family.This song somehow give me some thoughts of being more calm and tawakal.




Monday, April 30, 2007

Untitled Poem

airmata berlinangan tanpa diminta
bagai tertusuk hatiku meronta-ronta
perjalanan jiwaku tidak semudah disangka
kuatkan iman, teguhkan semangat
mudah-mudahan hari esok bersinar kembali

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's finally out !

click image to enlarge

*the only thing which I feel not right in this write up is the usage word of 'educate' in last paragraph. On the interview I actually said 'to give ideas to photographer'. Maybe it was misinterpret in the write ups . So to whoever felt offended please accept my humble apology. It's something beyond my capacity to approve the write up before its been pulished.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Manggis New Member

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ilham @ 1 year 7 month

This is the boy that melt my heart day and night. Dah lama tak update about this cheeky boy. here are some of the updates:

He loves to play with his toys especially anything with wheels. He loves to take a ride with his motorbike around the house. He also loves to watch tv ( not just cartoon, but action movies and sometime i caught him watching af...).He also loves making friends with people, but i notice that he prefer to be friend with adults than his peer group. He loves music! When we are inside the car, if there's no music he will point at the cd player. He's currently listening to tak tercapai akalmu by elyana. He will do his head bangging and moves his hand up and down ( like a drummer) when he listen to any rock songs.(ni mmg ikut abah dia lah nih).He's still in love with anything that have cheese and prefer western food. (ikut abah lagikk!)
He's now on training brushing his teeth.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ilhamku selalu dan selamanya...

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, March 30, 2007

What success means to you?

I ve never been asked about what success means to you until last tuesday on this interview session. It somehow stumble me with certain thoughts of defination of success. I remember meeting a father of a friend who once told me ' When I can purchase a mercedes, i 'm a succesful man'. Well, i do respect his vision but at the same time i find myself asking what actually i want in life. Money? Power? Posessions? Hmm... you need money to survive and power to get what you want. But to what extend of wealth are you looking for. We can never be satisfied with what we have. We always wanting more and more. I imagine myself being in a luxury car with a smart home near klcc. Will i be happy? Hell yes, i will be happy but will i be truly truly happy?

Well, i m telling you this : I will be happy when i can afford to give whats best for my family, raise up my children to be someone that i can be proud of, improoving myself to be a better muslimah and enjoy life with family and friends. That is a success for me.

How about you?
Maybe you can share with me here...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My First Photo Shoot

Wohooo!! I finally made it, my first photoshoot for a magazine. Phewww..kecut perut makcik memikirkan this photo session. Usually I m the one who work behind the scene and this time I'm the subject. Adeh pening...pening..few days memikirkan what to wear(ni problem big time), what sort of smile should i put in , etc etc... But alhamdullilah, all run smoothly . Shockingly in this photo session I'm wearing MNG (tak penah berangan dpt fit in this) tops and accesories. Once the magazine is out , i will update .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's in the Hercules? Be one of the first 200 to know

We are honoured to be invited by Mr. Wolfgang Schlimme, Managing Director of BMW Malaysia on the new MINI launching at Apac, Subang last night. The campaign for this car 'What's in the Hercules?' was great. The gimmick of the launch also gempak tak hengat. Mini tu turun kot kapal kapalterbang tuh...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Manggis New Venture : MANGGIS FOTOGRAFIK coming soon

Insyallah by Mid April we are opening our second baby which we named as 'MANGGIS FOTOGRAFIK'. It s a Fuji Digital Imaging Photolab + Photo Album Showroom + Frame shop. Its a one stop centre for all photographers who seek for a better solution/products in improoving their presentation. Currently we are in a midst of renovation of the shop. So you can imagine how busy I am in planning and deciding on the renovations material which is very very costly. Because of this new baby we will put on hold for our dream holidays this year. Its a new adventure for manggis team now. Lets hope this second baby will be as success as the first one. Lets not talk to much since its still not open yet. I will be updating the status of this newly shop. Wish me luck guys!

Monday, March 19, 2007

6 weird things about me

Wowiee..ni first time kena tagged!Memang dah lama berangan nak menjawap soalan2 gini.. so here it goes...

1. I loves browsing thru all sorts of magazine & newspaper while i'm doing my 'big' bussiness in the toilet.Sungguhlah nikmatnya...my fav magazine for this purpose is KLUE, suratkhabar pancaindera especially yg slot blakang tuh(kisah rumahtangga org..), paper Star and recently The Edge.

2. Aku suka gentel tissue bila-bila je kalau berkesempatan.Pojee cukup lah marah bila tgk banyak sgt tisu bulat2 bersepah kat meja especially lepas makan.

3. Sebelum tido, i like to gesel2 kaki kat cadar.Rasa sejuk-sejuk and lembut je..pastu akan meneruskan kegiatan tu sampailah tertido...zzzz..tabiat pelik ni memang dah diamalkan sejak kecik lagi

4. Aku ni takleh bawak basikal. Masa kecik dulu, mama ada belikan basikal tapi aku ni asyik takut jatuh. so kesimpulannya lansung takleh nak bwk basikal...huwaaa

5. I can be sometime confident of myself but at certain time i still do have this low self esteem goin on.

6. I love to eat chicken so much that sometimes i think i m weird for loving it too much. I wonder do chicken loves fish too?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Birthday Memories

Birthday ,birthday, birthday ...here we go again ... Those who know me would know how i loves birthday and always up to something on someones birthday.On pojee's 30th birthday i did a surprise thingy at CPK,KLCC.I secretly gather his close friends in MMU to join the party.It was so much fun when you see his expression when the whole restaurant sang to him birthday song(bukan senang nak tgk muka pojee malu2 kambing nih!). On Abah 50th birthday, me and mama did a surprise party for him.Most of siblings, nephew and nieces were there.The special thing about that party was i did a video montage of his photo from his baby time,itm years,married,having a daugther(me!me!),having a son in law and having a grandson with a song 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra. It was a great joy to see him laughing and crying at the same time.Glad that angah/zulkhas capture that moment ( will upload the photos soon).On Ilham's 1st birthday I was all over excited about it. I set a theme of Colourful jungle where i did a jungle deco on the buffet line, we wore animals head gear and invited clown to entertain the children(which it actually scare of the children..o dear..)

I also have some fond memories in celebrating birthday. Abah said that i had my first step on my 1st birthday party back in our house in Kg Baru.On my 9th birthday i had it at my primary school,Marian Convent. It was a big cake that forms number 9 with a concept of fish in a pond.That was the best cake ever!On my 17th birthday , i received 2 goldfish swimming in a bowl from my best friend at that time, simon.It was sweet but though i'm fishie but goldfish is hardly to maintain.The goldfish died after a week and just to 'jaga hati' him i bought a new one to replace them.I end up buying few sets of goldfish as replacement every week. My sweet memories of many birthday surprises is definately on my 21st birthday.That really ate me up.I even had tears and even hug pojee (apahal la aku pegi peluk mamat tu..we were just friend at that time)..Let me recall back the day...It was around 10pm.I was at the lab, chatting on irc.(pathetic life). I got a mssg from who eh(angah or pojee or akdon) askin me to go to e-gallery for a meeting. As i entered the gallery there's no one there and suddenly a group of people singing happy birthday to you....lalalalala...kembang semangkok makcik... that one really surprise me! If i'm not mistaken there were pojee, angah,akdon,sity,azrai,yool and who else eh..whoever who was there, please remind me, so that i can include you in my memory box...And for my 28th birthday yesterday, the whole team in Manggis gave me a surprise party at the pantry.It was so nice of them..They even made yong tau foo at the back of our pantry.Thank you guys! everyone was there except pojee..sigh..but luckily he deliver me this huge bouquet of lilies. ha pandai ponn..Thank you sili! muah muah.

Not to forget thank you soo much to my friends and family for the wishes.I really appreciate it. Love you guys so much!
My wishes are, i hope i will be a better wife,mother and daugther. Have a more prosperous year in my bussiness.And last but not least is I want to go to europe again!get pregnant again?hmm..we wait and see!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grow old with you

This song is by Adam Sandler in movie Wedding Singer. This movie is one of our(me&pojee) all time favourite movie. I remember we use to watch it again and again.We even did a quiz on each other based on this movie. During that wedding singer fanatic season, pojee did gave me a special song cd which compiles the whole soundtrack. how sweet is that eh..
The thing with this movie is that the title' wedding singer' and how we actually end up being a wedding videographer.heheheheh...so somehow this movie is a very special in our heart ...

Dedicated to my sili, Pojee, Footos, Abah for the love and patience

Happy 3rd Anniversary

A Brand New Day

Today I will celebrate my birthday with a blog.Well as you can see, i actually have created this account since march last year.But i have lost the password and i even cant remember the name of the blog(hampeh btull!) so it been put on hold ever since.So today i'm celebrating my new day as a 28year old woman, wife and a mother with a blog.

I ve been longing to have a blog but somehow i'm scared of expressing myself in this sort of medium. It s as if like i'm allowing people to read my diary ...like what i did reading other blog..(feel like a stalker)
But on second thought i ve not been expressing myself for such a longg time..i use to write poems, paint, take photograph but after my marriage, having ilham(my son) and building up manggis the interest slowly fades away.So i hope this blog is a stepping stone for me to start all over again being a believer of freedom in expression. I remember during my final year , I use to read this book by lewis blackwell talking about 'intercourse of expression'. So adapting to the new digital world, blogging is an 'intercourse of expression' which i translate as PERTEMBUNGAN LUAHAN RASA. So again why not?I have so many things to write, to share and to celebrate the joy of my life..
To whoever that reads this newly blog, welcome and feel free to leave some thoughts here..