Thursday, August 26, 2010


Selepas solat Asar semalam aku menangis sepuas-puasnya. Rindunya hati ini...

Hati ini makin sayu
Terkenangkan desa permai
Wajah ayah bonda
Bermain di mata
Mengajak ku pulang ke desa
Di hari bahagia
Hari raya

Lama ku tunggu
Bertemu di pagi mulia
Namun tidak kesampaian
Air mata jatuh berlinangan

Ku ingin berulang
Manisnya bersama
Menyambut hari bahagia

Jarak memisahkan
Rindu pertemuan
Bilakah hasrat jadi nyata

Duhai ayah bonda
Ampunkan anakanda
Tak dapat beraya bersama

Jauh dari mata
Dekat dalam jiwa
Teguh kasihku tak berubah

Lama ku tunggu
Bertemu di pagi mulia
Namun tidak kesampaian
Air mata jatuh berlinangan

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time to express myself - again

I've been really quiet for quite sometime . It's not that nothing interesting happen to my life, in fact so many things happened. And I believe things happen for a reason. I have to say that 2009-2010 are the most challenging years. I have come to a certain understanding thinking of God must want to prepare me for a bigger challenge in my life.

Dear Allah, Please give me strength to live this life without Mama & Abah besides me. I'm coping well-at times. But sometimes I do break down and cry thinking all the coming days without my parents around. I cherished all the good times and bad times we had. They had given me the best and now it's time for me to do the same thing to my children.

Thank you Allah swt for the happiness and sadness.

Lets do this. I want to write again.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Yes, I am back in this blog. Will start writing again.

Just in case, you ve been wondering what happen to me after my delivery for my little girl/ Well let us put it as I was lost in transition in my role as a mother, daughter and a wife-and as a boss at work. But now, everything seems to fall into places and yeah, I am good and happy and love love love to write again. I feel good, praise to Allah.