Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ilhamku selalu dan selamanya...

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, March 30, 2007

What success means to you?

I ve never been asked about what success means to you until last tuesday on this interview session. It somehow stumble me with certain thoughts of defination of success. I remember meeting a father of a friend who once told me ' When I can purchase a mercedes, i 'm a succesful man'. Well, i do respect his vision but at the same time i find myself asking what actually i want in life. Money? Power? Posessions? Hmm... you need money to survive and power to get what you want. But to what extend of wealth are you looking for. We can never be satisfied with what we have. We always wanting more and more. I imagine myself being in a luxury car with a smart home near klcc. Will i be happy? Hell yes, i will be happy but will i be truly truly happy?

Well, i m telling you this : I will be happy when i can afford to give whats best for my family, raise up my children to be someone that i can be proud of, improoving myself to be a better muslimah and enjoy life with family and friends. That is a success for me.

How about you?
Maybe you can share with me here...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My First Photo Shoot

Wohooo!! I finally made it, my first photoshoot for a magazine. Phewww..kecut perut makcik memikirkan this photo session. Usually I m the one who work behind the scene and this time I'm the subject. Adeh pening...pening..few days memikirkan what to wear(ni problem big time), what sort of smile should i put in , etc etc... But alhamdullilah, all run smoothly . Shockingly in this photo session I'm wearing MNG (tak penah berangan dpt fit in this) tops and accesories. Once the magazine is out , i will update .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's in the Hercules? Be one of the first 200 to know

We are honoured to be invited by Mr. Wolfgang Schlimme, Managing Director of BMW Malaysia on the new MINI launching at Apac, Subang last night. The campaign for this car 'What's in the Hercules?' was great. The gimmick of the launch also gempak tak hengat. Mini tu turun kot kapal kapalterbang tuh...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Manggis New Venture : MANGGIS FOTOGRAFIK coming soon

Insyallah by Mid April we are opening our second baby which we named as 'MANGGIS FOTOGRAFIK'. It s a Fuji Digital Imaging Photolab + Photo Album Showroom + Frame shop. Its a one stop centre for all photographers who seek for a better solution/products in improoving their presentation. Currently we are in a midst of renovation of the shop. So you can imagine how busy I am in planning and deciding on the renovations material which is very very costly. Because of this new baby we will put on hold for our dream holidays this year. Its a new adventure for manggis team now. Lets hope this second baby will be as success as the first one. Lets not talk to much since its still not open yet. I will be updating the status of this newly shop. Wish me luck guys!

Monday, March 19, 2007

6 weird things about me first time kena tagged!Memang dah lama berangan nak menjawap soalan2 gini.. so here it goes...

1. I loves browsing thru all sorts of magazine & newspaper while i'm doing my 'big' bussiness in the toilet.Sungguhlah fav magazine for this purpose is KLUE, suratkhabar pancaindera especially yg slot blakang tuh(kisah rumahtangga org..), paper Star and recently The Edge.

2. Aku suka gentel tissue bila-bila je kalau berkesempatan.Pojee cukup lah marah bila tgk banyak sgt tisu bulat2 bersepah kat meja especially lepas makan.

3. Sebelum tido, i like to gesel2 kaki kat cadar.Rasa sejuk-sejuk and lembut je..pastu akan meneruskan kegiatan tu sampailah tertido...zzzz..tabiat pelik ni memang dah diamalkan sejak kecik lagi

4. Aku ni takleh bawak basikal. Masa kecik dulu, mama ada belikan basikal tapi aku ni asyik takut jatuh. so kesimpulannya lansung takleh nak bwk basikal...huwaaa

5. I can be sometime confident of myself but at certain time i still do have this low self esteem goin on.

6. I love to eat chicken so much that sometimes i think i m weird for loving it too much. I wonder do chicken loves fish too?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Birthday Memories

Birthday ,birthday, birthday we go again ... Those who know me would know how i loves birthday and always up to something on someones birthday.On pojee's 30th birthday i did a surprise thingy at CPK,KLCC.I secretly gather his close friends in MMU to join the party.It was so much fun when you see his expression when the whole restaurant sang to him birthday song(bukan senang nak tgk muka pojee malu2 kambing nih!). On Abah 50th birthday, me and mama did a surprise party for him.Most of siblings, nephew and nieces were there.The special thing about that party was i did a video montage of his photo from his baby time,itm years,married,having a daugther(me!me!),having a son in law and having a grandson with a song 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra. It was a great joy to see him laughing and crying at the same time.Glad that angah/zulkhas capture that moment ( will upload the photos soon).On Ilham's 1st birthday I was all over excited about it. I set a theme of Colourful jungle where i did a jungle deco on the buffet line, we wore animals head gear and invited clown to entertain the children(which it actually scare of the children..o dear..)

I also have some fond memories in celebrating birthday. Abah said that i had my first step on my 1st birthday party back in our house in Kg Baru.On my 9th birthday i had it at my primary school,Marian Convent. It was a big cake that forms number 9 with a concept of fish in a pond.That was the best cake ever!On my 17th birthday , i received 2 goldfish swimming in a bowl from my best friend at that time, simon.It was sweet but though i'm fishie but goldfish is hardly to maintain.The goldfish died after a week and just to 'jaga hati' him i bought a new one to replace them.I end up buying few sets of goldfish as replacement every week. My sweet memories of many birthday surprises is definately on my 21st birthday.That really ate me up.I even had tears and even hug pojee (apahal la aku pegi peluk mamat tu..we were just friend at that time)..Let me recall back the day...It was around 10pm.I was at the lab, chatting on irc.(pathetic life). I got a mssg from who eh(angah or pojee or akdon) askin me to go to e-gallery for a meeting. As i entered the gallery there's no one there and suddenly a group of people singing happy birthday to you....lalalalala...kembang semangkok makcik... that one really surprise me! If i'm not mistaken there were pojee, angah,akdon,sity,azrai,yool and who else eh..whoever who was there, please remind me, so that i can include you in my memory box...And for my 28th birthday yesterday, the whole team in Manggis gave me a surprise party at the pantry.It was so nice of them..They even made yong tau foo at the back of our pantry.Thank you guys! everyone was there except pojee..sigh..but luckily he deliver me this huge bouquet of lilies. ha pandai ponn..Thank you sili! muah muah.

Not to forget thank you soo much to my friends and family for the wishes.I really appreciate it. Love you guys so much!
My wishes are, i hope i will be a better wife,mother and daugther. Have a more prosperous year in my bussiness.And last but not least is I want to go to europe again!get pregnant again?hmm..we wait and see!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grow old with you

This song is by Adam Sandler in movie Wedding Singer. This movie is one of our(me&pojee) all time favourite movie. I remember we use to watch it again and again.We even did a quiz on each other based on this movie. During that wedding singer fanatic season, pojee did gave me a special song cd which compiles the whole soundtrack. how sweet is that eh..
The thing with this movie is that the title' wedding singer' and how we actually end up being a wedding somehow this movie is a very special in our heart ...

Dedicated to my sili, Pojee, Footos, Abah for the love and patience

Happy 3rd Anniversary

A Brand New Day

Today I will celebrate my birthday with a blog.Well as you can see, i actually have created this account since march last year.But i have lost the password and i even cant remember the name of the blog(hampeh btull!) so it been put on hold ever since.So today i'm celebrating my new day as a 28year old woman, wife and a mother with a blog.

I ve been longing to have a blog but somehow i'm scared of expressing myself in this sort of medium. It s as if like i'm allowing people to read my diary what i did reading other blog..(feel like a stalker)
But on second thought i ve not been expressing myself for such a longg time..i use to write poems, paint, take photograph but after my marriage, having ilham(my son) and building up manggis the interest slowly fades away.So i hope this blog is a stepping stone for me to start all over again being a believer of freedom in expression. I remember during my final year , I use to read this book by lewis blackwell talking about 'intercourse of expression'. So adapting to the new digital world, blogging is an 'intercourse of expression' which i translate as PERTEMBUNGAN LUAHAN RASA. So again why not?I have so many things to write, to share and to celebrate the joy of my life..
To whoever that reads this newly blog, welcome and feel free to leave some thoughts here..