Monday, June 30, 2008

My poor baby E-am

He had his haircut.


hilang his charm with his freestyle hair.

uwaaaa :((

*anaknya rilex je, maknya yang overr.... anyway... uwaaaaa,,x tido malam tgk rambut e-am baru. so gonjeng!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Manggis, My Life

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My life been running fast lately. It seems my time is never enough. I ve been juggling with few responsibilities. My brain runs dry at times but hey no regrets. I love challenges and this is what I ask for. So Nazura, ambiklaa ko! Nak sangat cabaran...
So many things to update here. Hmm...let me start from the love of my life, Ilham aka E-am.

E-am will turn 3 this September. Whoaa..cepatnya kan... Its time to bake another little rascal, don't you guys think? OK.OK. MAKE BABY MODE:ON. How I wish its so easy kan... Ok, back to my son E-am. He is now everyday in Nursery. Thank God, he manage to fit in with his new friends. No more tears when I mention school. In fact, he would voluntarily jump of inside the car for school. So my routine will be like most working mom, sending my son to the nursery. His Toksu Jebat will pick him up from school and E-am will wait for Acu with anticipation. Like all kids(especially boys), E-am is very much into active activities. Currently, he is into football and obsess with his oyek-oyek(korek2) angkat which mean tractors. New hobby seems to be reading books. Unbelievable! It starts with me buying 1 storybook for his bedtime story. Every night Tok Ma will read for him before he go to sleep. And eventually, he starts to be demanding for us to read the story allll the time. Like wake up in the morning, cari buku. And while I'm watching TV, he would come to me and ask," Mummy, baca...". me and my mom have read his books for more than 10 times. Both of us dah hilang idea nak goreng cerita. hahahahah...

Work. I ve been busy. I would say, my brain is the most busiest organ in my body. How I wish using brain can burn fats... I have a long list of things to do everyday and I would mark done at least half of the list and by tomorrow 1 will add another bunch of things to do. I ve been training myself to divide my time to 3 core business which is my manggis production, manggis fotografik, my family bussiness A.P Art Gallery. With the new arrangement, I am restructuring in few area. Old staff leaving and new staff coming in. New spirit of Manggis. Anyway, for those whose leaving Manggis, I wish you all the best and thank you for your service. For new staffs, I wish you Welcome to Manggis. You ve been selected to join our creative, fun and professional team. It will be a joyride of your lifetime.

In the meantime, I m trying my best to balance up work and life. I promise myself not to be so much career oriented until I forgot my family and my Allah. I want to be a better person. Better wife, better daughter, better mother and a better muslimah. Ya Allah, peliharalah imanku, solatku serta perkenankanlah doaku...

Its been 3 months since Abah left us. Rindunyaa dengan Abah...