Monday, May 11, 2009

My first art collection - The last stand in Tanah Merah(Rainbow Warriors Series)

So this is how it feels when you purchase an artwork using your own hard-earned money. WOW, it feels great. Now I understand why Arwah Abah always have this crave for art. First saw this artwork on the facebook put up by the artist, Rafiee Ghani (called him as Cik Rafiee). I wrote a comment 'the brilliant colour and the contrast portrays the urge for a freedom. I get the feeling of I want to break free. love this one A LOT!'. Later, this artwork keep on lingering on my mind for few days. Pheww..such a great impact. We correspond few messages on the facebook and walaa the next thing I know Cik Rafiee was in my office with that painting. I was hypnotized and signed the cheque (Hahahah..nolah, I was totally aware of what I m doin).
When I saw that painting for real, my heart was jumping up and down. Felt like crying and screaming all at the same time. Arwah Abah have few of Rafiee Ghani's artwork but hey thats his. I find this piece is different from what Rafiee Ghani have produced before. It gives this sentimental yet powerful impact to me. I asked the artist, What were you thinking when you painted this piece? He said the boy is his son, Hasan aged 6. He was reflecting his son on facing the real world- the challenge ahead. Yes, I felt that too and its obviously remind me of my Ilham.

So this is me, aged 30 owning my first art collection from Rafiee Ghani whom I know since I was 6.

It gives me the pleasure for my eyes and soul-Happy Mother s Day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ilhamku selamanya...