Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kerana Cinta Aku Kembara-Los Angeles

The last time I was in LA was probably in 1989 with Abah and Mama. I was 10. What do you expect, the only thing that I remember was Disneyland and my hilarious roller coster ride with Abah. Owh, the good old days...

Every time I travel, I love to experience the people, the life, and yes the food.

caption for this photo would be "Talk to the hand, I'm having my taco now"
The truth is taco is not American food. We all know its from Mexico. But I guess I'm very much influence with Chillies Restaurant back at home. By the way, what is American Food? Mc Donald? KFC? Anyone?

We commute to one place to the other by the subway/metro. Very convenient, efficient and cheap.

First stop would be...Holywood. Like all tourist, we didn't miss our chance taking photos at the Walk of Fame and some other famous spots.

Next stop was the Universal Studio, LA. Since we ve heard few reviews saying that Orlando's Universal Studio is much more bigger and better so we decided not to waste our $$ for this entrance ticket. So just amik gambar jelah. Cukup syarat kan. And don't ask me why, this man is posing this way. For those who know Pojee, knows him la kan.

So we eat, yes eat again at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co which I know now is also available at The Curve. Thanks to Naza Group who is responsible to bring this food chain in Malaysia. So as you guys can see me with my wide smile(smpai x nampak mata) it means goood la tuh.

Next stop, Walt Disney Hall. Since I got married to Pojee, I learn to appreciate and experience the architecture of a building. So apart from food, food and art museums, significant buildings is also what we search in the foreign land.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kerana Cinta Aku Kembara...

August has been an extremely hectic month. So many things going on. Overload assignments, staff quitting their jobs and not to forget our extensive coverage for Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition (KLWMBC). And yet, me and Pojee did a very brave move which we travel to the other side of the world within this crazy time of our life.

"Kerana cinta...aku kembara...." ( For the sake of love, i travel...)

At first, we were very contemplating with our decision. But when you got to go, you just got to go. I just thought that we need to move. Move on with our lives, move on with our ideas and jump outside our nice and comfy box. Enough said, decision has been made, bought our tickets, our bags are pack and we are ready to go.

The route for this trip was Malaysia-Los Angeles-Orlando-New York-Malaysia
( Yup, it s a trip around the world. And I'm very happy to claim that I've travel around the world.)
The whole trip took us almost 2 weeks(i wish its 2 months) but I can't barely leave my love of my life, my baby, my Ilham.
We left Malaysia on 7 August 2008 at 330pm.

Malaysia Airlines. Transit in Taipei. Pack flight. Maid of Honour. Ugly Betty. loads of juice.

Arrive in Los Angeles on the same day at 6pm. Pojee got stuck with the immigration for like 2 hours. Grrrr...We were told it was a random check( yeahh, rightt??). Our food stock load with chicken curry and all the goodies were stolen by the god knows what officer.

:( there my chicken goes, there she goes again ( remember that song?)

Check in Ramada Plaza Hotel, El Segundo. Good deal for USD79.

to be continue...