Friday, December 19, 2008

Love letter

Salam Abah,

If you are here, I'm sure you'll gonna love E-am. In fact, you'll be tired talking to him. He's only quite when he is asleep while when his eyes are open, so does his mouth. He is full of ideas, just like you Abah. Every night, before he go to sleep he will ask me or Mama to read his bedtime story books. I remember you use to told him 'momok' stories like zombie kampung pisang when he was only 2. Yes, he still love horror story which I even scared to tell. It must have been you who gave him ideas of listening to stories before he go to sleep. And he still demand that until today. Besides talking, he also loves dancing every time he listen to his favourite songs like the 'move it, move it' songs from the Madagascar. We took him to the movies with Indah early this month. They were such a BFF(best friend forever) type of friends. I know it has been always your dream to brought E-am to watch movies with you. Don't worry Abah, we'll definitely have you in our heart every time we watch movies. E-am also loves songs especially I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. We have that songs in our car and it has been played for so so many times. Even yesterday, we were in Pasar Malam, out of nowhere he heard that songs been played and you can see his face lighted. 'Mummy, I'm yours!'. He's indeed mine. Owh, how I wish you could witness E-am's development day by day

I'll turn 30 next year. I'm 3 1/2 month pregnant now. You will have your second grandchildren by end of June, insyallah. How fast time flies, Abah. Memories of me growing up feels like yesterday, but look at me now. Married with kids and not to forget still overweight ( i dont blame u and mama :P). But I'm happy for what I am and thankful to Allah.

Rest in peace Abah, for I shall meet you again when my times come. Only Allah knows how much I miss you...


Eam and Tok Abah in Sydney march 2008

Monday, December 01, 2008


I'm 9 weeks pregnant and it's been like a roller coaster ride. Up and down we go...wheeee...mabuk.ok.mabuk.ok. If I'm not the one who puke, then Pojee will. During E-am time, it was a smooth sailing pregnancy. This time around, memang lain macam skit.
E-am have start calling himself, Abang E-am. He would ask me, 'mana baby mummy?' I said 'Baby is soo kecik inside here'. Then he will peek inside my dress to find his baby. 'Tade poon mummy...' And recently he has persuade us to call him BABY KULUS (baby kurus). I'm still wondering where he got this weird idea.
Work is as usual, hectic. Excited with new products, new style, new groove. In the meantime, I have started doing some inventory for Abah's art collections. With the help from Manggisian and my cousin, so far 370 works has been documented. About 1700 more to go. I'm also looking for a person to work dedicatedly for this art collections. Preferably a person who loves art. So if you know anyone, who is interested please send the resume to me-