Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A journal of a man I dearly love

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*all sketches were done by Rahime Harun. He got his diary where he write poems and sketch his memories.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A tribute

On last 13 May 2008, an exhibition 'Cerita-cerita lain' was held at Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah, USM. A tribute for my late father Allahyarham Hj Rahime Harun was also done on the launching day. My late father had donated almost 30 pcs of his work and my mom's work to the museum last year. He also did some free lecture to the art students there. I recall my father used to say that he would not want to claim his lecture because he feels that it is his contribution to the society. At that time, I did not understand why he likes to do free job for people but after reading this:

“Apabila mati seseorang anak adam, terputuslah segala amalannya melainkan 3 perkara ; Sedekah Jariah, Ilmu Yang Bermanfaat dan Anak Yang Soleh Yang Mendoakannya”

I finally understand, Abah.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Mother's Day : 11 May 2008

This year is my 3rd year celebrating Mothers Day. E-am know nuts about mother s day compared to Indah. Boy i cant wait to see him make me a card or even hug me with a mother s day wishes. Or only girls being thoughful with this sort of ocassion compared to boys..hmmm.
So what i did on mother s day? I free myself frm being mummy.hehehhe.selfish eh? Owh,,,i think i deserve a little break and have fun with my girlfriends. After a little chat with sity, I later send a message to all my uni girlfriends for a girls outing at the curve. So out of many girls(dont we feel good calling ourselves girls..ooo..i like), 7 girls turn up. They are sity, aida, lin, apit,nadya and maya ( eventho u r late maya, u are still counted okk,the effort that counts) oops,not to forget our little Zara n Fayyad. Me,Sity and Aida start the day with 'what happen in vegas' movie. Romantic + comedy movie are just perfect for our girls gathering today. Then, we went to marche for food and chat. Overall i guess everyone had a great time. All went home with an extra kg. Hahahhha.... We should do this more next time girls( i mean chit chat minus the food), no matter which group or geng we are, we should meet up like this. It s a healthy soul exercise, dont u think?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My experience : Hospital

For the past few years, Ampang Putri seems to be our second home. With Abah's continuous treatment and then I delivered E-am and later, Mama discovered her cancer in the same place. Even the convenient store salesgirl recognize me with a question ' So who's sick now?'.Well, anyway this entree is not to complain any party but just an experience which I would like to share with the readers. It goes something like this:

During my short stay in Royal Melbourne Hospital , I realized how much difference between our hospital and theirs. I'm not complaining about our hospital but I just thought how well sick people been treated so nice in a foreign land.
I lay down few real scenario that I ve experience in this hospital which I think is the best hospital I ever experienced.
(Please note that this hospital is just a goverment hospital in Melbourne).

Scenario 1
I would start the first scenario when my Abah had his sudden heart attack in my cousin's home at Brunswick. The first thing that connect us was the first emergency phone call that we ve made. The operator advised us to remain calm and continue with the CPR which we had started before we called them. Just within 5 or 10 minutes, we could hear the sirens. Once the paramedic reach us, then only we put down the phone with the operators.
(macam 911 programmed kan?)

Scenario 2
When the paramedic reach us, a guy named Craig introduced himself as the team manager. He immediately asked us all the infos like how it happen , his medication etc etc while the other team had started all the necessary procedure on the patient. When I looked out the door, I saw 2 ambulans with 1 fireman truck. I wonder 'eh, rumah terbakar ke ? bomba datang ni'.
Once everything ready to go, we were rushed out to go to the hospital and I remember 1 fireman cleaned up the rubbish that they have made before they left. Surprised? I AM.

Scenario 3
When we reached the hospital, all documentation runs very fast and we were attended by few personnel in the hospital. We were placed in a waiting room in the ER. The room is equip with water tap, sink and few chairs. Later, a sister named Susan came. She updated us what's going on and asked to feel comfortable in that room. We were never left there without not knowing what happen. Every 15 minutes, there were doctors and nurses came to update us. Once, everything stable, we were then moved to the ICU. Without any request, Susan came to me and gave me blankets and pillow for E-am to sleep.

Scenario 4
I, being truly Malaysian, as what we would normally do when we were admitted in our private hospital, first thought was definitely the hospital bills. There, none of them mentioned anything about bills to us. None of us asked us to make any deposit payment. Well, they did asked us wether Abah have any travelling insurans? Nope, he dont have one. And yet, they just smile and said "Don't worry about the bills Nazura, just think about your father now. We will give the best for him". I just stunned there.

Scenario 5
Every time I visited Abah, I noticed there's 1 nurse dedicated for him. Never, he was left alone. All question were answered with smile. There's no question left without an answer or 'let me asked the doctor' answer. Another thing which me and mama would never ever forget was the treatment that were given to Abah during his coma period. I recall one morning, I saw the nurse was holding a toothbrush. I wonder "nurse ni x gosok gigi ke dtg keje?". Then the nurse came to me and asked me to leave the room because she needs to clean up Abah. After 15 minutes, I came back and saw Abah so clean as if he had taken his bath. I then asked them wether do they clean up the patients once a day? The nurse answered "Nope, we do this every 4 hours in a day". I went closely near Abah and noticed that they even put lip balm on him, and not to forget a moisturiser for his eyes and face. I also noticed every 4 hours, they would reposition Abah so that he would not suffer from bed sore. When I touch Abah's feet, I noticed that his legs were padded with a special socks that circulate his blood. Besides the special socks, I realised that Abahs' mattress was also a special one which moves like a waves. Cool eh?

Scenario 6
During Abah's critical moment(nazak), the doctor came to me and asked me wether is there any special ritual things that we might need according to our religion. He then allowed us to have any visitors to visit him. Alhamdullilah, few ustaz came and did their prayer for Abah. Near the ICU, there's also a prayer room which any races can pray according to their religion.

Scenario 7
After Abah passed away, the nurse allowed me to enter the room before they took him to the morgue. The visual of that room was really something I will never forget. Abah face was cleaned and shaved. Beside his body, was a red rose. How thoughtful is that?

Scenario 8
On our last day before we transfered Abah to the Preston Mosque, I asked them again on our bills. Mark, the PR officer told us again that not to worry about that. Just go now and settle all your burial process back in Malaysia. So we just left the hospital without paying a single cent.

So with this 8 scenario, it definitely gave me a different perception on Australian people. It also change my views on how far away we are in hospitality services and facilities towards our people in Malaysia. Again, my experience in Melbourne is just in a goverment hospital, so I cant imagine if it happens in private hospital. Ntah macamanalah servisnya pulak..

Here, we pay for comfort in private hospital but yet nothing can compare the service that we received in Melbourne.

Sebagai pembuka mata dan hati betapa besarnya kuasa Allah, benarlah Allah Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang apabila Allah permudahkan urusan kami serta pelihara Arwah Abah ketika saat dia sakit dan ketika menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya di bumi asing ini.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Al-Fatihah to Tan Sri S.M Nasimuddin


Naza Group Boss, Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin S.M. Amin passed away early this morning while undergoing cancer treatment in the United States. He was 53 years old

The news has been confirmed with sources within Naza although details are still sketchy.

It is not known how long he has been suffering from cancer but it is common knowledge that His wife, Puan Sri Zaleha was suffering from cancer some years back andalso underwent treatment in the United States.

We are still waiting for the official Press release on the cause of death and funeral arrangements.

The Naza group of companies is one of the biggest auto-related conglomerate in the country with interests ranging from motorcycles to parallel imports to own-brand assembly.

The passing of Nasimuddin will have a major impact on the industry

taken from http://blog.autoworld.com.my

Tan Sri Nasimuddin's family is one of Manggis clients in their private family events. It is a great honor to have captured their family memories. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Al fatihah.