Monday, August 13, 2007

No more tears

Yes,no more tears. No more kesian mama. No more all the negative thoughts.Guys,if i ever talk about negative stories..knock me on head ya!hehheheh...
From today, I wish to remain as positive as i can be. After all that's what i ve been taught since small. All these dugaan from Allah is for a reason. One of the reason is for me to tawakal, menerima takdir dan qada & qadar.But at the same time berikhtiar and not to give up hope. Thank you Azrai&Sity for introducing me to 'the secret'book. It really makes me feel good and I'm trying my very best to be a positive thinker. I think everybody should read this book.It educate us on how we actually can heal our self and to achieve anything that we want by controlling our mind.And of course besides this, we will always look for the best treatment to fight cancer. And if we do not find it, just have laugh.After all, laughter is the best medicine and its free!
I would like to thank you for all the support/prayers for my mama.Mudah-mudahan dengan berkat doa kalian, dapat melegakan dan memberi semangat untuknya.aminn..
Mama is doing great for the past few days. Some people don't even believe that she got cancer in her.She eats well, she laugh , she's just like herself.But at times, when some visitor/caller who don't know how to react to cancer patient,will actually torn her into pieces again. Hmmm...therefor, i wish to share on how we can help cancer patient to fight this.
1.Let us not mention they are a cancer patient.Name them 'CANCER SURVIVOR'.
2.Instead of talking about their sickness, talk about happy/inspired stories or any issue that got nothing to do with cancer.
3.Act normal.Don't pity them.Be happy.
4.Bring your positive energy her that's the least you can do.

Its not how long you live, it's how well you live you life.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

good day ahead

There are good days and bad days with cancer. Today i would say, its a good day so far.It give me a great pleasure when i manage to make mama smile. A laughter is like a bonus to me. E -am is my tool to make mama forget all her sadness.I'm reading 'Healing cancer emotionally ' by a psychiatrist specialised in cancer patients.Mama said she wants to go for a holiday next week. Yey! She's taking the next step and I'm very happy.hmm...nak gi mana yek?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Everything happen for a reason

After mama's 4th day of her chemo, life have been challenging for everyone of us especially mama.Most of the time she's tired and fall asleep for few hours(this is very rare for her).Everytime i see her, i know dia tak putus-putus berzikir...She's been crying a lot...more than i ever knew her.At times, while we just have a simple conversation, she will cry.Abah can't sleep at night.I know he's worried.Me?Its a lie if i say everything is ok. I do have my breakdown at times.But I try my best not to breakdown in front of mama. I know everything happen for a reason. Pasti ada hikmah di sebalik ujian Allah ini.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dear Friends,

For those who know personally my mom, last 2 days she was diagnosed as a cancer patient. Tomorrow she ll start her first chemo session. I hope all of us would pray for her to face all the challenge and mudah-mudahan dengan berkat doa semua, dia dipanjangkan umur.aminnn...
And as for now, i ll devote all my time for my dear mama.I might not write too often but i ll update when i have free time.

i like to take a quote from kak intan,

orang dapat cancer adalah insan terpilih
Allah pilih untuk hampir kepadanya
untuk bersedia menjadi kekasih dia

and Azrai also gave me a good advice on positive thinking

If we were to fake our positive mind, then be it.
Remove physiological stress from the body,
and the body does what it was designed to do.
It heals itself.

*Kak Intan and Azrai is a daughter and son of a fighter in cancer.