Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Counting Days: 10 Days

Baby is still breech.

I am really exhausted. Yesterday went to shop for E am stuff in Jaya Jusco, fell like fainted. I was sweating like mad and my body is so tired. Waiting for E am to finish his sushi feels like forever. I almost fell asleep in Subway while having our take out sandwiches. Ya Allah, kuatkan lah semangat hambamu ini...I ve not been sleeping well for the past few days. I probably slept for 4 hours. My trips to loo increased. Major reason that I can t have my sleep is the short of breath, heartburn at times. Senak. Baby's head is still below my rib cage (ouch, yes it still hurts). I ve been yawning, my eyes n my head seems so heavy. Last night, I woke up 4 times and for me to continue sleeping is such a big effort. Lucky my zikir and alfatihah helps me to feel at ease.

Yesterday was my check up. Bp good. urine good. baby good. now weight at 2.8kg.

Let s hope that my new bundle of joy will be in my arms in another 10 days.

“ Tuhanku berilah kepadaku ( seorang anak) dari anak-anak yang soleh”


Leila Daniel said...

amin...good luck insyallah see u either saturday or sunday

Call me Keledek. said...

hold on Nazura, saya doakan yang baik belaka..

sity29 said...

sket je lagi ikan.. :) please sms me bila ko dah nak masuk labour room yeah!!! take care beb!!! all the best!

Along said...

take care..get all the rest u can while u still can.

Aapitz said...

babe...all the best. Banyakkan zikir & selawat...insyaallah, mudah2an ek